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Wise Old Owl is driven by Rachel-ann but thoroughly supported by my family including:

  • Frances (Mum) - my inspiration and companion in all things crafty
  • Jeff (Son) - my voice of reason and all-round handyman (and IT helper)
  • Diane (Sister) - Crafting inspiration at Catagunya: Arts, Crafts and Self
  • Christopher (Husband) - truly the Wind Beneath My Wings! (and the keeper of the finances)  


I run the shop from home now and we are based in Mandurah, WA...a long way from my home town of Hobart. 

WHY the name Wise Old Owl

To me the name means many things:

Wise - Crafty, Smart, Intelligent, Willing to learn

Old - mature, learned

Owl - a creature representing wisdom, and they are just beautiful animals!

 and hopefully as I grow I will represent more than just the OLD element!


But why this business?  Well that's a personal story...

Over 25 years ago my step-dad had a near fatal incident that left him in hospital fighting to survive, let alone live. He left hospital with a lot of brain damage; in short, unable to look after himself even for a short time. My wonderful Mother became his guardian angel (carer they call them) but in doing so, left her own life behind. Due to fulfilling his needs, she became isolated. My Step-Dad’s anxieties and phobias meant that Mum couldn’t leave the house for anything more than a quick run to the shops. They lived away from others – up on a lonely hill-side – and his family drifted away, unable to share the burden of caring for someone with disabilities. Mum’s family were scattered across three states. Money was scarce but anything resembling ‘a social life’ was even scarcer. Then came her first personal computer – a gateway to the outside world. Mum was able to chat with people from all over the world – some with similar stories that were able to provide her with the support & friendship that she needed during the next 20 years of caring. There were family, games, friends and information “out there” and she now had it all at her fingertips.

With guidance from online tutorials and chat rooms, Mum started her crafting journey with jewelry making. She sourced all her products on-line but ended up spending a lot of time finding budget friendly substitutes for the more expensive known brands. Over the years, Mum has continued to craft and use computer to enhance her life and expand her horizons.

Mum is living here with me now and I caught the crafting bug from her many years ago. She shared her love of crafting (and computers). I love working with polymer clay but sadly that means we usually end up having to go to different shops for our craft supplies or pay two lots of shipping for online purchases. Hence, Wise Old Owl will not be focusing on a single craft, instead will be guided by our friends (customers) as to what they want us to source and stock for them. We grab bargains were we can, bulk goods & break them down and always have a full range of metals for steampunk style!

Mum is still crafting and learning.  She makes beautiful handcrafted memory keepers and junk journals, delves into the emotion of art journaling and has discovered the joys of polymer clay. 

Me, I live in a fantasy world - full of polymer clay dragons and fairy houses of course. I am blessed to be sharing my passion with my best friend (and mother) and together, sharing our crafty fun with others to open up new doors of enjoyment, inspiration and ways to express ourselves.

Wise Old Owl is for her, for me and people like us - Crafting for fun whilst being Wise with our money, and not being isolated 'on a lonely hill-side'. 

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